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Sovereign High Security Fund SPC
Sovereign High Security Fund was established in 2004 with the objective of achieving long term capital growth for its investors.

sovereign high security fundThe fund is a segregated portfolio company with 11 share classes (or ‘segregated portfolios’) available in USD, GBP, EUR and NOK.

The fund’s performance has shown a steady growth since its inception and aims to achieve smooth investment returns of between 8% and 9% per annum by investing in absolute return assets such as Fixed Income and Traded Life Policies or Life Settlements. Two of the Segregated Portfolios (namely Goodwood SPC and Global Macro spc) blend this absolute return strategy with an element of Global Macro with the objective of enhancing returns by use of arbitrage.

For further information, please visit or the dedicated Goodwood Segregated Portfolio website
Share Class GBP EUR USD NOK    
Recovery SHSFPRG:KY SHSFPRE:KY        
Goodwood     SHSULAS:KY SHSNKGS:KY    
Global Macro     SHSUVLS:KY      
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